"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Paul at Watkins Manufacturing. Paul is an outstanding Lean practitioner with a strong passion to reduce costs and improve operations. The underpinnings for his work are theoretically based and easily translate into readily deployed Lean/Kaizen techniques that immediately show positive results. While at Watkins, Paul’s efforts started internally, but then extended outwards to eliminating non-value added processes at key suppliers. He is very detail oriented, has a keen eye for spotting improvement opportunities, and is always willing to work toward the right solution." James S. Garces, Director, Supply Chain at Watkins Manufacturing Corporation

"Paul is an exceptional talent in the world of Lean Manufacturing and Leadership\Team Development. Has worked extensively with our company for all of 2013 and has enabled us to make significant inroads in both LEAN and Continuous Improvement in both our domestic and Mexican operations. Anyone looking to build a world-class manufacturing operation would be well served by having Paul as a part of their organization."  Dan Ouweleen, President at PacMin

"There are innumerable academics that write about turning around an organization but very few professionals that are actually good at it. Early in his career, I watched Paul enter a factory in Spain that was bleeding cash and producing faulty goods. The union was strong, the plant manager set in his way and the family ownership reluctant to invest. Paul never got much to invest but he did arm himself with good ideas about processes and metrics to reform the factory. He then convinced union line workers and plant managers that these were their ideas and what they had wanted to do all along. Magically, the "production team" turned that factory around. 

Jean Monet, a minister that helped found the European Union, said that "It is amazing much you can get done if you do not care who gets the credit". Since Paul left our company in Spain, I have seem him enter several troubled organizations bereft of ideas and initiative. Shortly after he arrives, the organization suddenly finds that it actually has a team that can methodically and continuously improve the business. 

Change in large manufacturing organizations requires a leader like Paul with know-how, experience, persistence and the ability to sell the ideas so well that the workers on the line take ownership. Then magic happens."
   Kelvin Latta, Managing Director at Bardi SEZC Ltd

"Paul did a fantastic job during his work assignment with the Aids Healthcare Foundation. He was charged with understanding and leading our conversation as we redesigned our internal workflows in order to raise patient/customer quality of care and systems productivity. He won us all over to doing the work more effectively without creating any unnecessary tensions and/or resistance." Jeff Decker, Department Co-Chair, Associate Professor and Co-Director of Program in Organizational Leadership at Whittier College

"Paul is detailed oriented and provided comprehensive consultative service to improve our Healthcare center workflow and patient through-put."   Wayne Chen  Regional Medical Director of Region 2, Non-ACO IPA/Medical Groups Network

​"Paul possesses an extraordinary passion for Business and exceptional teaching skills. Excellent coach and mentor, with an anticipated view of business opportunities that result in Out-of-the-Box concepts. Paul is also sincere and honest with his team which results in loyalty and transparency. Besides Paul's exceptional business skills, he also puts lots of personal values that truly motivate his teams."  Luis Tavares,  Manager,Continuous Improvement at Fender Musical Instruments                                          

“Paul is one of the outstanding leaders, teachers, and management experts I've had the pleasure to work with. His senior management know-how, networking skills, detail focus and manufacturing knowledge make him a true power-house... His people would walk through fire for him, his superiors turned to him for guidance continuously, his training savvy made him the go to person in many areas of the senior staff and he led many effective functions beyond his operations position. Paul's financial acumen, his strategic thinking, his global relationships and his inter-business/industry knowledge made Paul a guy to look up to in every way.”Michael Mantell, Ph.D., Chief Executive Consultant, Dimension One Spas 

Paul is an extremely intelligent individual who has great insight into the details within an organization, as well as the strategic initiatives to move a company forward. Besides being a great Operations executive, he is very well versed in understanding both the P & L and Cash Flow impact that Operations has to the organization.”Robert Gobbo, V. P. Finance, Dimension One Spas

"Paul is a servant leader and great example for his co-workers and manufacturing team!”Kevin McCarthy, Owner, Lead Team Development / Surface Water Sports

"He set high expectations and held his direct reports accountable for their performance."Gary Alexander, Operations Manager, Macerich

"Paul understands the needs of the business and how to get results, using his staff effectively and without micro-managing."Michael (Mike) Johnson, Manager, HR/Payroll, California Acrylic Industries

"Paul...has been an outstanding performer, finishing this year as number one in his class.  He has a first-rate analytical mind and expresses his thoughts clearly both orally and in writing."   -Harry L Hansen, Profesor  Extraordinario, IESE, Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing Emeritus, Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration.

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